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  • Graphic Designer - PUCPR

  • Specialist in Management of Creative Companies - University  Positive

  • Specialist in Gamification, Engagement and Digital Marketing - PUCPR

  • Softskills in Creativity and Problem Solving - PUCPR


Hi! I'm Sté Prestini.

First, I would like to thank you for your contact!

I will tell you a little about my journey in a colorful and different world!

My dream was to be a DENTIST (hi?).


That's right. Nothing to do with anything. Much less with me. Until one day I met a crowd who could be more NERD than me, and in 1999 they taught me how to make flash sites. It was the height of my 14 year old.

If you don't know what a flash site is, I'll refresh your memory:


Remember when websites were super animated, had music and lots of interactions? This was a Flash site.

Well, my teenage hobby was creating things that I would never use. That's when I decided, at the last minute, to study Industrial Design - Visual Programming (Graphic Design).

I've done many logos, for professionals like you.

I worked and work with giant companies as well. From the State Government, LOFRA, Electrolux, SEBRAE Sustainability, ARTECHE, RICTV, NEODENT... It's a lot.

I love (maybe even more) clients who are self-employed professionals, micro entrepreneurs, more...


For me, no matter the size of your business, you will always be GIANT from the start.


I am aware of the responsibility I have in my hands:


My biggest wish?

See your eyes shining with love for your new material!

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